The new york city marathon 2022 wow.

In record heat for November, Kenyans overwhelm the New York City Long distance race.

Evans Chebet was among the sprinters who looked as Daniel do Nascimento isolated himself from the remainder of the men’s field at the New York City Long distance race on Sunday. Do Nascimento, a 24-year-old Brazilian who is known for — is the word? — confident, was a haze as he flooded into the lead, then a spot off somewhere far off, and afterward gone from view completely.

Chebet, a calm Kenyan who showed up in New York having proactively won the Boston Long distance race this year, selected to practice persistence. Adequately sure, as he moved toward the 21st mile, he saw rehash Nascimento: face somewhere around the roadside, being watched out for by clinical staff.

“I felt terrible for him,” Chebet said in Swahili through an interpreter, “yet I needed to proceed with the race.”

On an unexpectedly warm November day, Chebet endure both the circumstances and the opposition, winning in 2 hours 8 minutes 41 seconds to finish a decisive victory for Kenyan men in the six world long distance race majors this year. Chebet, 33, did his part by winning two of them — and two of the hardest. Obviously, taking into account what Chebet had done in Boston in April, nobody was amazed to see him tackle New York with extraordinary poise.

“Boston was really more earnestly,” said Chebet, who wore his champs’ shrub wreath to his news meeting.

The ladies’ completion was significantly more surprising. Sharon Lokedi, a Kenyan who dashed at the College of Kansas, was courageous in her long distance race debut, breaking liberated from a commended field to win in 2:23:23.

Ideal climate for me,” said Lokedi, 28, who parts her time among Kenya and Flagstaff, Ariz., where she prepares with the Under Protective layer supported Dim Sky Distance bunch. “I didn’t anticipate winning. I expected to run well. Be that as it may, it turned out to be a decent result.”

Lokedi left a top pick cast afterward. Lonah Chemtai Salpeter, a Kenyan-conceived Israeli who showed up in New York with the quickest time in the field, completed second. Gotytom Gebreslase, an Ethiopian who is the dominant best on the planet, set third. Edna Kiplagat, a 42-year-old Kenyan who is one of the world’s most improved long distance runners, was fourth. What’s more, Viola Cheptoo of Kenya, last year’s second place, was fifth.

“It was hot, yet I was truly ready,” said Lokedi, who was the N.C.A.A. champion in the 10,000 meters in 2018. “I got water at each station to pour on myself.”

Do Nascimento, who set a South American record when he completed third in the Seoul Long distance race this year in 2:04:51, was the story in New York for a large part of the morning — until everything started to go ineffectively for him. Effectively unmistakable in his lavender leggings and space-age shades, he constructed a two-minute lead more than partially through the race. In any case, others in the field had seen him attempt that kind of striking system previously.

2022 Marathon.


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